Sunday, April 10, 2011

Capture (Snagit)

Snagit is a cool tool and something that I needed when I was doing my senior project in 04'.  Snagit is somewhat like the Print Scrn option on the computer.  If you ever used the this function, you know that you have to copy and paste what you Print Scrn from the previous window to use it in a paper or something.  Snagit makes things much more easier.  Snagit takes a picture of a screen and use different function in the same window.  You can use different shaps, colors and other tools to doc up the picture.  For example, you could use Snagit to show some one how to use a computer program.  In this assignment, I used snagit to show how to use google maps to solve a math problem.  The students had to use google maps to find routes from home to a city and back to their home.  I will be using this more often. 

Here is the link  Check it out.

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